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Coaching Resources

Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Management

We are here to help you get your team organized.  Listed are a few videos to help navigate team set up and management. 


     Player Forms Video       Player Forms

     Rescheduling Home Games

     Rescheduling Requests through CASL

     Contacting Opposing Teams

    Tournament Player Cards


     Printing Match Cards

     Virtual Passcard

     Risk Management Cards


     Entering a Score for GotSport.


Coaching Resources

The Michigan State Youth Soccer Associate provides a suite of coaching resources, including:

Additionally, the following sites provide a number of lesson plans:

Game Day

Prior to gameday:

Both teams, home and away are required to have the following items:

Pregame Check-In:

  • Both home and away teams give the Match Cards to the referee
  • Both teams pay the referees 
  •  Coaches should show the passcards to the referee and call the names of the players during check-in to verify the roster on the Match Card (Game Sheet)
    • Laminated Pass Cards or Virtual Passcards are accepted​ but not required
  • Cross out the names of players and coaches who are not present.
  • Coaches must be in possession of a CASL/MSYSA Passcard showing their RM/CDC/Safesport Information.
    • If a coach has their passcard on their phone that can be accepted but must show to the referee to verify​

Post Game: On Field


  • Following the final whistle, one coach or manager from the home and away teams should meet with the referee.
  • The referee should explain what has been written on the Match Card (Game Sheet)
  • Once explained, the home coach or manager and away coach or manager should sign both Match Cards

Post Game- When you get home:


  • The winning team or home team (in case of a tie) takes a photo or scans the signed Match Card (Game Sheet)
  • Submit the score via the CASL Got Sport Public Page - Pin: "CASL"
    • The public page can be accessed via under the "Submit Score" button, or scan the QR code on your Match Card (Game Sheet)
  • Upload Match Card (Game Sheet) to "Game Sheet Upload"

David Blanzy
League Director

Coaching Courses

The Haslett Soccer Club is committed to advancing the training of coaches in our community.  As such we support coaches in the community (HYRA, Eastside, CASL) in their education.

For all individuals who coach CASL teams, the Haslett Soccer Club and the Capital Area Soccer League require an USSF/MSYSA E License.  The E License curriculum will focus on age appropriate player development activities for ages U9 - U12.  It will provide a basic understanding of coaching methodology and introduce the four pillars of soccer, stressing the technical side of the player as paramount at this stage.  See:

The Haslett Soccer Club and the Capital Area Soccer League will combine to cover the costs of all fees associated with the coaching courses.  Please contact us at for more details.

Interested in Coaching?

All of the soccer teams in Haslett - HYRA, Eastside and CASL - rely upon volunteer coaches.  The HYRA and Eastside teams fill their coaching needs directly.

The Haslett Soccer Club directly facilitates the enrollment of teams in the Capital Area Soccer League.  Part of our role is to select coaches for each team and provide coaches with training opportunities. If you are intestested in coaching a CASL team, please submit a letter of application as described below.

Haslett Soccer Club – Coaching Application Process
Individuals seeking to coach a Haslett Soccer Club CASL team must submit an application letter via email to with the subject line “Coaching Application”.  Letters must be submitted no later than May 31st for the upcoming Fall-Spring seasons.  Application letters should include the following:

  • Name
  • Why do you want to coach?
  • Team You Wish to Coach
  • Soccer Coaching Experience
  • Soccer Playing Experience
  • Soccer Coaching Certifications
  • Other Coaching Experience
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Have you identified a Co-coach or Assistant Coach?  If “yes”, please provide contact name, phone, and email.  Co-coaches or Assistant Coaches must also submit a letter.

All coaches will be required to 1) secure a risk management card from Michigan State Youth Soccer Association and 2) obtain a USSF/MSYSA E License within one year of initiating their coaching assignment (see below "Coaching Courses").