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Male Player of the Week

Connor Kalich was a rockstar defenseman throughout the Fall Classic Tournament. His contribution to our second place finish could not be over-stated. Playing a less heralded position, defense, he took the “star in your role” concept to the next level. He ran down the other team’s players countless times to prevent shots on goal. In the championship game, he was charged with marking the other team’s best player—everywhere on the field—for the entire game. He did it and prevented the other team’s best player from scoring! (That player had scored at least 7 goals on us the first time we played that team.) Connor took a tough and thankless assignment and knocked it out of the park! He is a coaches dream, and I can’t wait to see what he does next!


Male Player of the Week

One of our most experienced goalkeepers, Vincenzo Mittino, earned the nomination for Player of the Week as a reflection of his positive attitude, willingness to do extra, and courageousness throughout the Capital Area Autumn Classic Tournament. Our team, composed of enthusiastic players with a range of soccer experience, was placed in a highly competitive division. Vinny has been challenging himself this season and requesting to play an attacking field position more often than not, yet after sizing up our competition in the first game, Vinny willingly volunteered his experience in goal and showed incredible skill, confidence, leadership, and passion in the games which followed. His energy and tenacity was contagious, and his resilience helped to steady the team's morale.


Female Player of the Week

Taylor was nominated as our player of the week for her outstanding play during the Capital Area Autumn Classic. Taylor is a very versatile player!  Throughout the weekend she was utilized as defense, midfield, and also forward.  Taylor has a positive attitude, works hard in practice, and has amazing footwork skills! 


Capitol Area Autumn Classic

The Capitol Area Autumn Classic in Lansing is on September 17-18.  Good to the HSC teams attending. 

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Fall Registration

Fall registration is complete.  If you are interested in signing up a player please email haslettsoccerclub@gmail to check availability.  

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